GO LOW with Golf Handles!

Senior golfer shoots National low score for U.S. Senior AM qualifier at Georgia site after one week practicing Golf Handles!

Golf Handles!

TOP 10+ Reasons to LOVE your GOLF HANDLES List

(in no particular order….it’s too hard to pick the best reason!)


the golf ball – force of club (handles) leads the clubhead


swing speed – Get leverage and power in your swing


draw swing – Adds clubhead speed, accuracy & distance


Trail handle position gets you on plane


Rhythm & tempo – gain club face control & accuracy


Higher lead arm for easy shallowing of the club


handle rotation for accuracy and increased swing speed


Dominant lead side with shaft lean and delofted clubhead


set back and under Lead Hand all the way to contact


“Quiet your Hands” grip & lighter grip pressure to rip it!


swing without a swing thought!


Get a Handle on your half swing & perfect your full swing!

The Lead Handle helps flatten your lead wrist, lean the shaft forward and lead your swing with your lead side!  The Trail Handle keeps your trail hand back and under your lead hand, throughout your downswing for maximum compression of the golf ball.

Grab Golf Handles and easily get “In the Slot”!

The LEAD HANDLE is set to help you get a flat or bowed wrist at impact; lean the club slightly forward, and pull the club with your lead side.  This aids in opening your hips, shoulders & body during your downswing.  Your dominant lead side helps to flatten or shallow the club on your downswing for acceleration and release of the club into the back of the ball.  With this forward shaft lean at contact, you ensure good weight shift and you will compress the ball and add ball speed.

During the downswing and through contact, your hands are moving around your body, while your club is still working out towards the ball. Therefore, maximum clubhead speed can only come by pulling the Lead Handle around and up, creating whip effect and max clubhead speed through contact.

The TRAIL HANDLE is set behind and under the Lead Handle.  Holding this handle puts your hips in a good alignment, and slightly tilts your spine & shoulders back for a great address and impact position.  This trail handle position helps shallow out your downswing, conserve your angular momentum (lag), and release the club effortlessly with speed. This creates a shallower angle of attack, with less ball spin rate for maximum distance.

The Handles help you with tempo and body sequencing, which is key to good ball compression and solid contact.

The Handles help you turn down and square the club face at contact. Increased clubhead speed is no good if your club face isn’t squared up at impact for straight and accurate golf shots.

The Handles help you fix your swing path. Holding and swinging the Trail Handle, your swing will come from the inside, and never over the top.  Accuracy of movement with a draw swing path, which adds speed.

The Handles help you to release the club after contact with the ball. With the Trail handle in a less dominant position, and a forward shaft lean with the Lead Handle, you will compress the ball at contact. You can not cast, flip or release early.

The Handles help you “quiet your hands.”  They keep your hands from over rotating through impact, making it easier to keep the club face square at contact.  And a lighter grip pressure aids in helping you with a faster swing speed.

The Handles help you swing on a single, or one plane. Your lead arm will go more across your shoulders and tight against your chest, matching your shoulder plane.  This helps with less arm action and more body rotation.

The Handles train your arms to stay connected to your body, and guides the clubhead down the correct swing path, into a square club face impact position.

The Handles help with clubhead speed. The handle positioning helps your lead side shoulder move up and open through contact, for increased clubhead whip and an easy out front release of the golf club.  This upward, vertical motion of the handles assists in lower body flex, extending your body up for maximum speed of your clubhead!

What is the Name of your Golf Handles?

-Speed Slot Golf Handles

-Max Compression Golf Handles

-Torque Speed Golf Handles

-On Plane Golf Handles

-Accurate Motion Golf Handles

-Ball Speed Golf Handles

-Smash Factor Golf Handles

-In Sync Golf Handles

-Build & Release Lag Golf Handles

-“Stinger” Golf Handles

-Squared Up Golf Handles

-Swing Speed Golf Handles

-Thank You Golf Handles