Your Two Handle takeaway is setting your swing for success, helping you shallow the club on your downswing for Max Lag angle and “Torque Speed” through contact.

Golf Handles Positioning = Distance Gains!

Practicing with Golf Handles has moved your body more behind the ball at address.  With your slight tilt at address and takeaway with your lead arm higher than your trail arm, it will be easier for you to naturally shallow out your swing and increase your lag angle, making contact with the ball on your upswing!  With your swing path from the inside “Slot” position and a rotating hand path to square your clubface, you will gain increased clubhead speed, carry distance with less spin, and a higher smash factor!

Remember, the Driver is one of two clubs in your bag (putter too) that you want to make impact with the ball on your upswing!

Try these two key’s!

One, tee your ball up so that at least half the ball is above your driver clubface.  Making contact just above the sweet spot of your driver will make the clubs gear effect work to your advantage.  The club head will roll back at contact and impart less backspin on your ball!  Higher launch with less spin for more carry and distance!

Second, position the ball in front of your lead foot.  Your Golf Handles practice has moved your swing arc forward.  Since the bottom of your swing arc is now consistently inside your lead foot, play the ball forward to make contact on your upswing!

Tee it high &
let it fly!