Let’s look at the simple, amazing SCIENCE behind your GOLF HANDLES!

Science of 2 Handle Increased Torque

TORQUE = Force applied at a distance

Golf Handles separates your hands and is set off from your golf club’s grip, making it a very unique golf swing trainer.  Swinging the club with Golf Handles attached to your golf club grip (from a distance), coupled with TWO Handles and the orientation of each Handle, accentuates forearm rotation and applies extra torque force to your golf club.  This will greatly increase your swing speed through the hitting zone!

This increased torque energy transfer from the player to the golf club,  will transfer increased energy from the clubhead to your golf ball,  resulting in greater ball speeds and distance.

Force X Distance = TORQUE

The position of the Handles to your golf club shaft, and the distance from the grip, increases your swing’s torque or power (i.e. leverage), increasing your ground force and rotational swing speeds.

This Handle positioning and circular rotation through impact brings two forces.  A pulling force with the Lead Handle, and a rear end force with the Trail Handle.  The Lead handle turns around and up in your swing, while the Trail Handle moves in the opposite direction.  This rotational TORQUE creates lag and speed, resulting in your clubhead whipping to the golf ball.   

If a force is going to exert a torque, it has to be applied at some point, beside the axis. The farther out you apply force, the more torque you will get for the amount of force you are exerting.  

Learn how to put “TORQUE SPEED” through contact in your golf swing with Golf Handles!

(This distance can be as long as a 50 feet, or as short as a wing nut to add torque)

A golf club is considered a 3rd class lever.  A lever gives a force applied at a point, that moves a load at another point, through a balance point.  Golf Handles applies force from a distance, increasing torque when swinging the golf club.

Golf Handles is a simple device with amazing results!

Science Of Motion Control Handles

A golf swing has to have a consistent, fundamental swing pattern.  Golf Handles orientation trains a tighter, more consistent practice motion with less face rotation through impact.  You will ingrain muscle memory, with an accuracy of movement that is heightened by Golf Handles.  The result is a more controlled, repeatable golf swing.

The most important aspect of your golf swing is probably your downswing.  The two keys within the downswing for straight golf shots, is your swing path and club face angle at impact.  Golf Handles motion controlled movement in your downswing will sync these two together, and have you hitting shots as straight as an arrow. 

This is simple science with amazing results.  You will be practicing a swing that is more efficient and easier to perform.  All this translates to a more connected, in sync and better feeling golf swing.  A swing which will give you more confidence, with much improved results!   Start enjoying your game for a lifetime!

Q: Why is the Trail Handle set as high and under the Lead Handle?

  1.  Forces more engagement of the Lead side, for a Lead side dominant swing

2.   Holds off any early release of the Trail side hand, for an increased lag angle and more clubhead speed.

3.  Keeps Trail hand behind the Lead hand all the way to contact for easy shallowing of your club & ball compression at impact.

4.  Emphasizes a more connected and on-plane swing which is more easily repeated

5.  Emphasizes more of a draw swing, eliminating an over the top swing path.