Your Golf Handles two handle positioning gives you a synced downswing that is started with your dominant lead side, shallowed out and on-plane with built up lag, with a rotationally squared club face for maximum compression at impact!   

With a controlled swing motion and accuracy of movement that is unique to Golf Handles, you will train great swing rhythm, greater swing speed through contact with a perfect impact position.  Practicing correct positions from parallel to parallel, you will find your perfect golf swing!  You will have muscle memory for a lifetime, and will never search for your golf swing again

2 Handles are always better than 1 !!

The Golf Handles hand separation enhances and highlights each hands role in the golf swing, and trains your swing to hold your lag angle & stop casting, flipping or releasing early!  This separation of hands eliminates slack between your arms, so your lead arm and shoulder can lead your body rotation and provide increased force, for maximum club head speed through the impact zone.  

The Lead Handle flattens your lead wrist and puts your club in the correct forward position, training your lead side to pull the handle and lead the downswing.  This will help you rotate during your downswing, keep the force of the club ahead of the clubhead, and square the club face for consistent ball striking.  As the Lead Handle moves around and up in your swing, the Trail Handle will move in the opposite direction, greatly increasing torque and your clubhead speed through contact.  

The Trail Handle keeps your swing “In the Slot”, shallows the club with a built up lag angle, releasing that torque and putting all your force into the golf ball for maximum distance!

"GRIP IT" with Golf Handles

Hold the Lead Handle in your hand, and place it between your fingers and your palm. The back of your Lead Hand should be facing straight to the target.  Place your thumb on top of the handle, with no gap between your thumb and index finger.  The pressure of your grip should be in the last three fingers.  Your Lead Hand should represent your clubface, and face your target.

The Trail handle grip should have your palm facing the target, or just slightly under the handle, with your thumb pointing towards your shoulder.  This position keeps your trail shoulder lower, spine tilted away, and shoulders more square at address.  Keep the pressure on your two middle fingers.  This will keep your grip pressure constant, with complete control of the club throughout your swing.

Holding and practicing with two handles will aid in “quieting your hands”, and a lighter grip pressure.  This lighter pressure in your hands will help you build angle and lag in your trail wrist, and free you up to let go of your lag for maximum clubhead speed!

Learn how to get into the GOLF HANDLES impact position!

Now let's RIP IT!

1. Address Position

Grip the Handles and move your lead wrist forward, so your wrist is flat and your clubface is square & facing the target.  The Lead Handle is set forward of the grip, and slanted to flatten & bow your lead wrist.  The Handle position will put your hands ahead of your clubhead and lean your shaft forward to deloft your clubface.  Your body is now more behind the ball, and the force of your club will now lead your swing.  This is how you will compress the golf ball at impact!

Your now in a position to align to your target & start your one piece, 2 Handle takeaway.

When your Handles are off, you will hold your golf club grip in this same manner.  Muscle memory through repetition will take over and help you bow your lead wrist on your downswing to impact.

2. Two Handle Takeaway - Start your backswing

Gripping the Handles will help create a wider, one piece takeaway.  Keep the triangle of your shoulders, arms and hands in place and get your swing started for success!  This will sync your body for rhythm, create a wider takeaway and bigger arc, while keeping your arms connected to your body!

This two handle, wider one piece takeaway will keep you from bending and setting your wrists too early!  This will give you an early shoulder turn, where you will store your power for the downswing, and create more lag.
Gradually rotate your forearms on the way back, while slightly bending your trail wrist and arm.  A correct, solid one piece takeaway sets the tempo of your entire swing!

3. Big Lag Downswing - Create Speed

The Trail Handle will greatly increase your ability to stay connected, get lag & release that lag angle after contact for increased clubhead speed! 

Pulling the Lead Handle during your downswing, while relaxing your trail arm, will flatten out your swing and increase your lag.  We all want more speed & distance, and this is the key!

The Trail Handle will keep you on plane and “In the Slot” all the way to contact.  Keeping your lead arm straight will help you rotate your body and deliver the clubhead with speed for maximum distance.

4. Contact - Compress to Impress

The best players in golf all compress the ball @ impact. The Handles put you in an address and impact position that compresses the ball and increases energy into the ball!  Your Golf Handles help to shallow out your downswing, increase lag while covering the ball with your trail hand, gaining “Torque Speed” through contact for fully compressed golf shots.

At impact, with a flat or slightly bowed wrist and your hands leading the clubhead, maximized compression and a more penetrating ball flight is guaranteed.  The Handles enhance body rotation, encourage a circular hand path, bringing a torque effect that accelerates your clubhead to the golf ball.  You will compress the ball & definitely impress your playing partners!

5. Follow Through - Release your Lag

A key to solid contact is eliminating an early release of the club head.  Your one piece, two handle takeaway and flattened downswing has greatly increased your ability to release the club head out and in front of you, after coming into contact with the ball!

A flat or bowed lead wrist at impact prevents an early release, and puts you in a position all great ball strikers have at contact. With a shallowed out downswing, the lag angle between your trail wrist, arm and club is let go for accelleration.  Golf Handles train you to easily release your lag!


With Golf Handles, you will learn to:
Take loft off the clubface at impact, compress the golf ball, and have a penetrating ball flight.

And you will stop doing this!:
Adding loft to the clubhead at impact, not compressing the golf ball, swinging steep and cutting across the ball.

Get Golf Handles and play great….and love your game forever!

Golf Handles give you the "Secret" to YOUR perfect golf swing!

Golf’s best swings keep the trail hand inside the lead hand, and on plane all the way to contact!

This hand position guarantees ball compression at contact, but this position is not easy to get into!

GOLF HANDLES were designed with this in mind…and the results are amazing!!

Golf Handles put you in….and keep you in this On Plane “SLOT” position throughout your downswing.

Get max Compression, max Ball Speeds and effortless distance from “the Slot” with Golf Handles!!