Let’s start with each hand individually:

Hold the LEAD HANDLE with your Lead Hand only.  Feel the compression, as your hand is ahead of your clubhead and you hit the ball with a soft putting/chipping motion.  Learning to deloft your clubface at impact is a skill you can practice and develop!

KEY: The shaft is leaning forward, and your hand is slightly ahead of the ball at contact. The clubhead is being delofted, as your wrist is flat or maybe even bowed and you are leaning the club forward.  The lead handle is slanted to help you bow your wrist on the downswing to impact.
Your arm and shaft should be in a straight line, and you should be pulling your hand forward, now not cupping your wrist.
(Remember to keep your body rotating, and have your grip pressure in your last 3 fingers

Now, hold just the TRAIL HANDLE with your trail hand. Extend your hand and arm forward, and with your wrist angled back, slowly swing the club and feel like your tossing the club forward.

Your hand should be slightly ahead of the ball at contact. As you rotate open, your elbow should be slightly in front and connected to your body.  In this position, the clubhead will be delofted.  Feel the club compress the golf ball, as you use your soft chipping motion to hit it forward along the ground.  Keep your trail wrist soft and flexible as you contact the ball.

Now that you have the feeling with each handle individually, put both hands on your Golf Handles and repeat the drill.  Delivering the club at impact with a delofted, square clubhead will contact your ball higher on the clubface for more compression and distance!  This is a Golf Handles skill you need to master for great ball striking!

2. Trail Handle LAG & RELEASE

(This is a half swing drill, and you will not need a ball.)

Hold the TRAIL HANDLE and keep your wrist bent back. With the palm of your hand facing the ground, take the club back to 1st parallel.  Swinging back through contact, feel like your tossing the club forward as you straighten your trail arm and release the club.

Get slight forward shaft lean and increased lag using your wrist and arm in this motion, and swing through the hitting zone.  You will have your arm connected to your side and will be in a position of power to compress the ball and release the club after contact.

This drill will get you in a great impact position with your trail hand and ingrain increased lag angle all the way to contact for max smash factor.

3. BUILD LAG in your downswing!

Avoid building lag in your backswing!  To do this, we need a wide, 2 Handle take-away with very little wrist set.

KEY: do not set your angle of lag in your backswing.  Maximum lag angle is set best when your lead arm is parallel with the ground in your downswing.

Hold your Golf Handles, and move your hands forward to where your lead wrist is now bowed, almost to the extreme (convex) for this drill.

Holding your trail handle, your wrist, arm and shaft angle are now at about 90 degrees.  Practice your chipping motion in this position, while chipping a ball across the ground.  Feel your built up lag!  Now without a ball, swing as you release your lag…..and repeat.  The Trail Handle keeps you connected to build lag, keeps your hands ahead of the clubhead and gives your swing power at impact.


Grab your Golf Handles.  Move your Lead Handle forward so that your lead arm is straight and in line with your shaft.  

You are now in your Golf Handles impact position!  Your lead wrist is flat or bowed, your club face is square and delofted, and your keeping your lead arm straight.  Your hands must be ahead of the clubhead for clubface stability through contact. And this arm position will help you rotate your body during your backswing….and downswing!

On your downswing, rotate your hips, chest and shoulders open and keep your trail wrist lag angle with the trail handle forward.  Then release that angle through contact and out in front of you for long and straight golf shots!


You have progressed to the most exciting drill!  Torque is defined as force applied at a distance.  Torque adds incredible power and amazing results when practicing with Golf Handles!

Golf Handles are set away from your grip, adding torque and increased force when practice swinging.  This drill will have you feel the torque and will greatly increase your whip of the clubhead through contact!

Addressing the ball, take your club back to the 1st parallel (your shaft is parallel to the ground) and get some lag.  Take a few fast swings, pulling with your lead side.  Remember to feel the grip pressure mainly in the last 3 fingers of your lead hand through the bottom of your swing.

Your trail handle has soft grip pressure going back, and only some pressure to get lag in the downswing.  Rotate your hips and shoulders, swing and release the club as fast as you can!   REPEAT!   Firing your swing through contact in this half swing drill, you will feel your Torque Speed.  Your working on rotating your body, feeling the grip pressure and pulling with your lead side.

NOTICE:  Your Lead Handle is your pulling force, and your lead shoulder and handle will move around and up as you swing through contact.  As this happens, your Trail Handles rear end force will assist and whip your clubhead in the opposite direction, and accelerate with incredible “Torque Speed” to the ball! 


While holding the Lead Handle, barely have your trail hand on the trail handle.   Now take half swings, rotating your hips and shoulders and pulling your lead side, while holding the trail handle as gently as possible.  A light trail hand grip will naturally shallow out your golf club, build lag and keep your arm connected to impact.  

A tight trail hand can really slow down your clubhead speed.
This drill will stop any over the top move with a stronger Lead Handle grip, dominant lead side turn and connected trail arm!

7. FEEL “IN THE SLOT”....HANDLES ONLY! (No club needed)

Holding the GOLF HANDLES Only (no club), make a slow practice swing and notice how holding the Handles is keeping your trail hand back and behind your Lead Hand!

This will keep your trail hand inside and behind your Lead Hand all the way to impact.  This drill will shallow out your club from the inside of your downswing, and add tons of lag for speed!  Now just turn and rotate as fast as you can!  This will give you great power and speed through contact.