Tom Rasmussen, Golf Handles creator, has worked in the Golf Industry for 22 years in Management/Sales/PGA Tour Rep positions.  Companies include Taylor Made Golf, Langert Golf, Lotus Golf & Srixon/Cleveland Golf.  

Tom grew up in Wisconsin playing junior & high school golf, beating Stricker and Kelly on occasion!  He led his team to an undefeated season and won the WSHS Team State Championship in 1984.  Tom played Division 1 College golf on sholarship for U.S. International University in San Diego, CA.  

He fit Jack Nicklaus for a putter Jack used on Tour, was paired with and tied Tony Finau in the 1st round of a professional tournament in 2014, has a career low score of 9 under 63, and shot a 69 in a Champions Tour event in 2015.

“I can say that since practicing with Golf Handles, I have never hit the ball so solid and far, and have not searched for my golf swing since!”

Below is Tom’s first experience on the course with his Golf Handles new found swing, after practicing for a month indoors!  February 2020, Atlanta, Georgia

My Golf Handles Story titled....."How did you figure that out?!"

This is my amazing story from playing my first rounds of golf after working with my Golf Handles prototype, for about one month in my home!

I met my buddy Jay at the course we always play, and I had one swing thought that day.  Pull the handle!  Just like what I had been practicing at home.  I figured to just try and feel myself start my downswing more with my left side (my lead side), and pull with my left hand through impact.  I felt it would help my swing path, and I would hit it straighter.  Like the pro’s you see on TV at impact, and their trail hand is almost off the grip!  That was my one swing thought, and it worked!  (I hadn’t yet realized that my practice at home with my Golf Handles prototype had also helped my take away, and put my swing on plane & “in the slot”!)

I hit almost every fairway & green that day, had 2 sloppy 3 putts, and shot a 5 under par 66!

It was such an effortless round of golf!  After paying me my winnings, Jay told me “I will never play you at this course again!”

I did not share with him my swing thoughts, and that I had been practicing with my new golf handles trainer that day.  I kept that a secret, of course! 🙂

A week later, I had made a tee time with Bear, my other regular golf buddy.  He is a PGA Section  Professional, who gives golf lesson’s for a living.  I couldn’t wait for him to see my new swing, since he knows everything about the golf swing, and knows a good golf swing when he see’s it.

We met on the putting green, and then went straight to the 1st tee to begin play! (skipping the practice range).  I will never forget his first comment immediately after I hit my tee shot off the 1st tee.  I pured it, straight as an arrow down the middle of the fairway.

As I was picking up my tee, he asked “How did you figure that out?!”  What a great question to get from a golf instructor regarding a new swing!  I asked him “what do you mean?”  He said “that swing was perfect.  All you need to do now is change your ball position, if you want to hit a fade or a draw.”   When he said that, I knew I had found something very special with my new handles golf swing!  I already knew, but Bear’s comment was confirmation.

The next time we all played together, they were now trying to figure out what was different with my swing.  It was noticeable that I was hitting the ball much farther (handles torque effect now kicking in), and with little shown effort.  After driving a 290 yard Par 4 early in the round, Jay said, “wow, you looked like you didn’t even try to swing at that, and it took off!”

They were asking each other, was it a move I was doing or was my set up different?  On the next tee, Jay stood right in front of me, watching and trying to see if he could spot what I was doing in my swing!!  I had to back off the shot with laughter 🙂

Finally, we all went to play a week later.  We played at a new course, and we were paired with a member of that course.  I was hitting it hard that day…Smash Factor extreme! (and just so you know, before working with my Golf Handles, I was the shortest of the three in distance off the tee!). 

Many of the par 4 holes on this course had blind tee shots, up and over hills.  And the course had many creeks running across the bottom of the fairways on these Par 4’s.

After playing a couple of holes, the member was telling us what the blind holes looked like and who could hit driver, and who should hit 3 wood!  I was told not to hit my driver twice on that front nine, but that Bear and Jay could rip away with their drivers!!  WOW, that was new for me.  And definitely new for them!

These experiences led me to believe that I needed to come out with this product for all golfers.  My hope is that you will have similar, amazing stories playing with your buddies, after practicing with your Golf Handles!!

I do believe you will! 

Tom Rasmussen 

 “with God all things are possible”….even your best golf yet!